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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Sorry!

Once again I sincerely appologize for not talking to my fans(if I have any left) every day! I have just been swamped by softball practices, piano lessons, and everything else that has made me temporaraly forget about my blog and most importantly:my fans!
But i promise you that i will take it seriously and blog every day, in the morning! You can count on me! Anyways, today i made the most fabulous cupcakes EVER! They are a choco-coffee cupcake, witha chocolate ganache filling, and buttery chocolate frosting, delicious! I can already feel my colesterol rising just as I smell the cupcake! It is very good when you just want to laze around on the couch one evening and stuff your face full with junk food. Don't say you haven't ever wanted to do that, 'cause I know we all have wanted to.
Today is Mother's Day and I only gave my mother a card and breakfast in bed. (and BTW, I am not a forty-year-old  living at her parents house, I am an eleven-year-old living at her parents house. BIG difference! A forty-year-old should be able to support themselves by themselves, not by there mom, while an eleven-year-old can't because they can't have a job, or a car, or a house etc.)Stay healthy and don't crash into things in public, you will look stupid!