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Monday, January 17, 2011

M.L.K Day

Today I saw the full "I Have A Dream" speech and it was truely beautiful. I wish some day his dream will come true but some people just don't and won't be changed. It is truely sad but that is what they feel.

Today i went to Anna Cook's house (a friend from school). We got chased by her little brothers, wich one of them likes me and wants to marry me. We also went to the pet store and went to starbucks wich has the best coffe EVER! we were playing spy and we came up with some super cool spy names. Mine was The Snowwoman, Anna's was Chocolat Frog(she used to be Blue Tiger), and her sister megan was Hummingbird. pretty cool, huh? Ill put up a poll to see wich name was best. Pick mine!!!

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  1. I think MLK predicted the challenges of having such an extraordinary dream, and I think by saying "one day" he was saying it would be a long time before we could achieve it.